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8 September 2005
Don't let timing tick away the value of your business
Timing your business succession is crucial to creating the best environment for the best capital realisation. So how much time do you need to get your business ready for sale? When should you star
8 September 2005
New Zealands Demographic Bubble
By Hayes Knight principal, Craig Fisher You may not be aware that New Zealand has a rather interesting demographic bubble flowing through our society at present. The effects of this b
8 September 2005
From Knowledge Shop
Maximising business goodwill Many small-to-medium business owners see their business as a part of the asset base that will go towards their retirement capital. For some, the statement "my
8 September 2005
Would your business pass its W.O.F?
The business barometers are dropping, endless legislation is being introduced, the employment market is tightening and cash flow has become critical. As business compliance tightens and the number
31 October 2005
The Succession Traffic Lights
You've heard of it, read about it but what you done:
12 December 2005
The move from Spectator to Participator
We’ve noticed a significant increase in the quantity of articles which have been published on succession and exit from business over the past 12 months from an increasing range of industry groups.
17 January 2006
Considering Buying a Business?
It is often said that the most significant investment a person will make during their lifetime is the purchase of a home, but for many people this isn’t
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